Sagacity Tech

Identification and Threat Recognition System
Protectee Health Evaluation and Geo-Position
Third Factor Identification and Proximity Access System
Sagacity Tech introduces the AcuForce Identification and Threat Recognition System. We have integrated personal surveillance with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality and Facial Recognition to provide real-time analysis to your security professional.

The AcuForce System is truly a force multiplier, where one set of eyes instantly becomes many.

Building on Sagacity’s WPAN technologies we present AcuVital a real time health and stress monitoring tool to keep you informed on your principal’s condition and location. Using industry standard biotelemetry you know longer need direct communication with your client to know when trouble arises, and with advanced Geolocation, EMS can be quickly on-scene while you provide overview protection.

The AcuVital System provides critical information when seconds count.
Utilizing unique cardiac rhythm monitoring quickly identify those with access to restricted areas or personnel. While passwords can provide a high-level of security they can be compromised. Adding a second layer of security in the form of a token or authentication key sent to your phone increases the level of confidence. Third Factor Security in the form of a biometric provides the greatest level of security when combined with the password and token.