Sagacity Tech

AcuForce: Identification and Threat Recognition System (I.T.R.S.)

Sagacity Tech introduces the AcuForce Identification and Threat Recognition System. We have integrated personal surveillance with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality and Facial Recognition to provide real-time analysis to your security professional(s).

The AcuForce System is the true force multiplier, where advanced technology and one set of eyes combine to become a well informed TEAM.

How It Works

The AcuForce System starts with visually captured information via our technology that is then relayed to either a Command and Control vehicle or back to your Operations/Command Center. Information augmented by our advanced technology can then be viewed by your team, thus, enabling them to rapidly discern between known threats, perceived threats and the innocent. Real-time information is then transmitted back to the specialists to deal with the threat.

AcuForce I.T.R.S.