Sagacity Tech

AcuVital: Protectee Health Evaluation and Geo-Position (P.H.E.G)

Building on Sagacityís WPAN technologies we present AcuVital a real time health and stress monitoring tool to keep you informed on your principalís condition and location. Using industry standard biotelemetry you know longer need direct communication with your client to know when trouble arises, and with advanced Geolocation, EMS can be quickly on-scene while you provide overview protection.

The AcuVital System provides critical information when seconds count.

How It Works

The AcuVital System starts with the monitoring of the principle's Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Respirations.

The telemetry is streamed over a secured connection to a smart-phone or cellular compatible device, effectively creating a wireless personal network (WPAN).

Sagacity Techís AcuVital software determines if an event is causing stress or a medical emergency is eminent. The close protection officer is appropriately alerted.

If necessary, the feed can be relayed over the cellular network to either a Command and Control vehicle located on the premises, or back to your Command Center.

The vitals can then be analyzed by medical professional and EMS sent directly to the GPS coordinates.